Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Search Terms 101

One of the benefits of using Google Analytics to track blog stats is that their reporting will tell you what search terms people have followed to access your site. Now, mind you - I don't get a whole lot of search term traffic, but I do get some. Here, for your enjoyment, are some of the terms that people have plugged into google, only to find themselves faced with a meandering blog about a Dwarven paladin...

can i tank ragefire chasm - It's the absolutely lowest level instance in the game. You can enter RFC at level 8, in fact, two levels before you get your first talent point. Practically speaking, if you're a melee DPS class, and you have a bit of armor on your side, and your companions are willing to wait a second before starting to pile on to your target... yeah, you can tank Ragefire Chasm. Go on, then - just do it.

desolate desolacy - I really don't know what to say here, other than if you're looking for pictures of gender-confused emo tweens who are barely bearing up under the crushing despair of simply existing, then you've come to the wrong place. Have a kitteh picture instead:

making bosses - I find myself intrigued by this incomplete statement. "Making bosses... " what? Give you a raise? Let you take that three day weekend? Into hamburger? The mind simply boggles. Since I'm such a helpful soul, though, I'll give you the answer to at least one of those questions.

queuing for ragefire chasm - OK. I can understand being a new player, or a new tank, and wondering about whether you're ready or not to jump into your first group. "Can I tank RFC? I mean, really - can I handle it? Will I be able to hold aggro when the rogue pops out of stealh and starts making with the stabbity-stabbity? Will I miss a mob on the pull, resulting in the healer becoming a pile of something that resembles a potted meat product?" All those are good and understandable questions to ask yourself. On the other hand, not understanding how to queue for RFC? I mean... you know enough to realize that you can queue for the dungeon, but not enough to understand how to queue for the dungeon? That's a pretty exclusive group you're in, there. Just in case you've missed it, here's a few tidbits on the Dungeon Finder interface.

retribution pvp - I'm trying... trying... trying... mmm. Nope, got nothin' for ya, man. Sorry. Who do you think I am, Zach Yonzon?

soul%20silver - This one scares me. I always thought souls were gold, you know? Not silver. Gold is valuable, and pure, and a symbol of the light. Silver, on the other hand, is cheap, and tarnishes, and is intimately associated with the more despicable elements of Azeroth. I'm pretty sure that I once heard that every silver coin has been up a Warlock's nose at one point or another. Why? I don't know. Then summon demons, they dabble with fel magic, and you're asking me why they put silver coins up their noses? Probably because, when you're a Warlock, it's the most sensible thing that you'll do in any given day.

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