Monday, June 14, 2010

Path of the Titans, R.I.P.

Well, I've got my answer to the question about how Path of the Titans will function in Cataclysm: it won't. Read all about it in the usual places. I won't say that this is unexpected; it seemed like a pretty big change to the game. Apparently, Blizzard is going to try and compensate for the crushing disappointment of loosing the Path of the Titans by bringing us things like better glyph management, the ability to downgrade raids, new raids, new dungeons, a new CoT instance, and something like 3,000 new quests.

3,000 new quests? Yowza. That's a nice, big, fuzzy blanket to cuddle up with while I cry into my tea over... what? Oh, yeah, Path-something-or-other. I think. Whatever! Why am I crying again? And how much can I vendor this blanket for?

If you're not champing at the bit for news about upcoming Cataclysm changes, maybe you'd be more interested in the post over at Tobold's MMORPG Blog where he discusses the idea of how to change up the MMO trinity of tank/healer/dps to make things more interesting. Follow up with The Noisy Rogue to continue that thought to the logical conclusion - what would an MMO look like if you got rid of the tank/healer roles entirely?

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