Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Reaching the Wrathgate

Aeven's now halfway to level 76, and partway through the quest chain that leads up to the Wrathgate event. Oooh-RAH!

Questing in Dragonblight has a bit of a schizophrenic feel to it. There are a number of different quest hubs, each with a very different feels. Moa'ki Harbor, Star's Rest, Wintergarde Keep, Wyrmrest Temple, Light's Trust, the Crystal Vice. Each has it's own feel and flavor. If you're like me, and you're bopping around the zone doing whatever quests happen to fall into your path, everything seems a bit chaotic.

There are breadcrumb quests leading you to and fro over the zone, but it's not nearly as cohesive a place as the Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord. In those zones, while there were a bunch of quest hubs, you at least got the feel that they were connected in more ways that "Oh, by the way, so-and-so out at this other place wants you to drop by." There was a sense that something was Going On, and that you - for whatever reason - were in the center of things.

Maybe it has less to do with the zone, and more to do with how I did the zone. Instead of starting at Wintergarde Keep, I started at Star's Rest. Then visited Moa'ki harbor, and worked my way east to Wyrmrest before heading to the Keep. So instead of following the "flow" of the quests, east to west, I went against the current.... and have found myself doubling back, and asking questions like "Why didn't they mention this the last time I was here? Sheesh!"

Once I realize this, I intentionally skipped doing anything with Light's Rest. I plan on completing the Wrathgate chain, and then I'm going to move on into the Crystal Vice area, and from there into Grizzly Hills. I'll save Light's Rest for the time when I'm done with the Hills and ready to move on into Zul'Drak.

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