Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Geek Women, Unite!

So says Miss Medicina, who has declared June to be "Celebrate Geeky Women" month.

As I am married to a geeky woman, and raising three (hopefully!) geeky girls, I heartily approve. There are a hundred and one reasons that geeky girls are wonderful. Just a few of them:

Who else will watch you play WoW, and - in a serious tone of voice - ask you, "Why is your male Dwarf priest wearing a dress?"

Who else will help you while away a wedding anniversary road trip discussing zombie survival techniques?

Who else will call you at work to tell you "OOTS is up!"

Who else would consider an L2 cache and memory upgrade an entirely appropriate Valentine's day present?

Geeky women, that's who. Well, my geeky woman. You will have to get your own :-)

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