Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I knew there was a reason to level alchemy!

Aeven is inching her way towards 80. Well, not so much inching as cruising. Rested bonuses and the Fire Festival XP boost really add up, even before you toss in the 20k XP you can get by honoring/desecrating whatever fires you stumble across in Northrend. As a result, Aeven hit level 78 last night, and after a good bit of running around in Zul'drak, is just a hair shy of halfway to 79.

Since she was in Zul'drak, of course, one of the quests she ended up doing was Something for the Pain - where you collect mature water poppy plants so that the Argent Crusade alchemists can create a pain-relieving salve for their soldiers. As is her wont (ha! I got to use "wont" in a sentence!), my wife was watching me play last night as Aeven scrambled through the Drak'Sotra Fields, searching for poppy plants.
"What are you doing now?"

"Oh, I have to collect these plants."


"They're for injured soldiers. To help relieve the pain."

"And the plants will do what for them?"

"Well, they're water poppies..."

"Oh... OH! Yep, that would help. So... you're a drug dealer now?"
And yes, I did LOL.

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