Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yet Another PuG Story

A few days ago, I had an amazingly good and patient PuG for BRD (Prison).

What made it great? Patient people. Mature people.

People who didn't comment on my "I'm intentionally undergeared" message, but who all held back a few seconds to let Aeven grab aggro good and tight before they unloaded with theirAoE.

People who knew the instance, knew where they wanted to go, and asked instead of demanding that we do the extra bosses.

People who didn't start complaining or quit after we wiped (thanks to my misunderstanding of how to handle a pull).

People who all ran back after that wipe, with the exception of one fellow who'd never been in BRD before and got lost trying to find the instance portal.

People who waited for said lost soul, and then patiently described how to find the dungeon entrance.

People who, when said lost soul still managed to stay lost, backtracked and searched the dungeon until they found his body so he could be resurrected.

People who, when said lost soul was finally back with us, told him "np, Thanks for coming!" when he said he had to leave before we made it back to the next group of mobs.

People who thanked me for being a good tank... not because I was doing a tremendously good job at tanking, but because I didn't yell at them or berate them (yeah, I know - what a concept, eh?)

You know what else was interesting? In chat, they were using names. I didn't realize this at the time, but looking back, I can see that Mimetir's comments on the issue were spot on. There was basic common courtesy present, and it showed.

So, while I am reluctant to call out someone from a fail PuG - everyone has their bad days, after all - I have no problem in identifying the individuals who made this PuG one that was full of win. People like:
If you're int he Rampage battle group, and happen to end up with one of these fine folks in your party, do say hello, and let them know that their good reputation precedes them :-)

I'm starting to this that there's a positive correlation between maturity and ability. I'm not saying there's a causual relationship, mind you. I've run into mature players who definitely weren't the best, and I've run into jerk players who definitely were top players. But generally, it seems to me that "mature, patient, considerate" generally equals "capable player". While "childish, impatient, rude" generally equals "bad player".

Overall, though, it seems like the first few minutes of a PuG helps sets the tone. I'm going to add that to my list of "things to do while tanking" (well, while running in any PuG, really). Say hello, welcome people by name, and ask if there's anything special that they'd like to do when we run the instance. I'm sure that I'll still encounter fail PuGs, but hopefully, that little bit of civility will help nudge things in a non-fail direction.

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