Tuesday, May 18, 2010

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Post...

I've been trying to stay consistent on this blog, with at least one update a day during weekdays. Work this week has kept me hopping, though; and family life has conspired with it to eliminate the opportunity for a meaningful post today.

Hence, this apology post. If I had the artistic talent of a spastic spider monkey, I'd draw some sort of goofy stick-figure comic to keep you entertained. Unfortunately, I rank rather lower in the artistic echelons than that, so no original comic from me. You'll just have to content yourself with re-reading The Order of the Stick for now.

Wait... what? You say you've never read OOTS?

Foolish minions. Go! Go now! Read, and be entertained!

But come back tomorrow when we'll return to our regularly scheduled content, and see how Aeven stacks up to a random paladin of similar level.

Now go!

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