Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New Policy

In light of the rather emphatic response I received from a LFD member last night in response to my "Hey, I'm leveling in whites, let me know if you'd rather find a different tank", I've changed my LFD intro message slightly. It now asks that people let me know, politely, if they'd rather find a different tank.

I realize that this is my failing - my last message did not actually request that individuals demonstrate a minimum acceptable level of maturity and civility. I know, I know. Silly of me. Hence the new message, and the new policy:
Failure to treat me politely at the start of the instance will result in my chain-pulling as many mobs as I can before I bubble hearth.
Well... no. That's a bit too rude, I think, even for the wonderful response I got last night. It was only one person, after all. The other folks didn't say anything, positive or negative (and, I'll note that the individual in question didn't even bother to speak up until after I had buffed everyone. Classy guy.) I really should have polled everyone and seen if the other members felt the same way before I decided whether or not to bail. Yeah, that would have been a better option.

So, call this a provisional policy. Unless I encounter an entire group of overwhelmingly rude induhviduals, I don't think I'll actually do anything like the pull/bubble hearth punishment.

No matter how much they desperately deserve it.

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