Friday, May 14, 2010

Upgrade time!

Her Uncle Ben once told Aeven, "With great level comes great cash outlay, lass." Or something like that. So, since Aeven's now 60, she's doesn't just have a bunch of shiny new abilities and a new world to explore... oh, no. She's also got a shopping list.

Weapon: Ancient Bone Mace. What the well-dressed Dwarven Death Dealer is sporting these days.

Armor: Tarnished Plate. Not usable for another level or so, but hey - it takes effort to stay ahead of the latest fashion trends, doncha know?

Enchantments: Oooooooooh. There's a whole world of Burning Crusade enchants that are available for her now that her armor and weapons are ilevel 60 or better. I'm going to have to look them over and see what looks best for tanking. Yes, tanking - I still plan on taking her into instances as a tank, until it's obvious to me that she can't handle it.

Consumables: Meh. Not a whole lot of new and interesting consumables in the level 55-65 range. Elixir of Major Defense is about it for interesting new potions, there's some minor upgrades in the area of usable scrolls, and of course a bunch of new buff foods like Ravager Dogs and Spicy Crawdad. Those will roll in as I level Aeven's cooking, though, so aside from getting her hands on a pile of elixirs, there's not much to worry about here.

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