Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Gender and You

Over at Jaded Alt, there's an interesting discussion going on about gender and the WoW player base and blogging community. Some interesting comments there, and I'm impressed that the discussion did not drift off in any of the usual bad directions. After reading through it, though, I feel the need to point out to any readers who might not know me IRL that I am, in fact, a male of the species. Yes, I am a guy (but not that guy, thankfully).

In fact, I'll got even further and tell y'all that I am a 40+ year old heterosexual male, and quite happily married. My wife and I have several delightful children (all girls) who sometimes like to watch Dada playing "the horsey game". I have a B.S. from a highly-regarded technical institution in a field of engineering that I've never actually practiced in, seeing as my life-long desire has always been to be a computer geek. I was an officer in the US Navy for a while, and have spent the last 10+ years of my life raising my girls, working for startups, teaching Sunday School, preaching in church services, and studying to get a B.S. or M.S. in Pastoral Theology.

So, there. Now you know all about me. Well, maybe not all about me, but perhaps more than you knew when you started reading this post. So now, if anyone is ever shocked - shocked, I say! - to find out that I'm a male, or a Christian, or that I have children... I can point back at this post and tell 'em that they should've done their homework.

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