Thursday, May 27, 2010


Rub-a-dub, five players in a... hmm, not tub. Really, it was more of a spiky dark fortress filled with fel orcs and other unsavory creatures.

Yep! Aeven ran her first BC dungeon last night: Hellfire Ramparts. I queued her up when she was about 50k short of level 68, and went on questing in Terokkar, figuring that I'd either get the instance, or I'd level and try for the Blood Furnace. Tuns out that if you ding while you're in the queue, you stay in the queue... so even though I hit 68, I was able to get into a group for Ramparts. Nice!

I did my usual opening spiel with the group, with no immediate responses... except from another pally, who told us "I'll be there in a minute, go ahead and start without me." OK. Buffs all around, and when I checked again to see if anyone had any objections, one of the other guys essentially said "Haven't decided yet... go ahead and pull and we'll see."

Well, now. Let's see, indeed... so I went ahead and pulled the first group.

Then the second.

Then the third, and the fourth, and... you get the idea.

Twenty minutes later, we were standing over the body of a dead dragon :-) No deaths, no real aggro problems. Well, there were some pulls where the trash mobs were so numerous that the other DPS ended up pulling aggro off of me - but seeins as they were a DK, another pally, and a rogue, they were pretty much capable of handling single mobs, so I didn't worry about that too much. I was particularly proud of doing the one tricky pull the right way - the corner where there's about a dozen mobs around the bend, and you really need to do an LOS pull to get them bunched up.

Just after that, the other pally who joined late said "Dude! You're all in white gear!"... at which point the other folks laughed, and explained that was what I told them at the start. A few mobs later, I managed to loot a Tarnished Plate Chestpiece, and they all congratualted me on the gear upgrade. All in all, a very nice run. I wish I had gotten everyone's names, but for the record, I'll call out Talfurn of Stormrage and Omega of Destromath as particularly encouraging folks. (I'd link Omega, but he's got a twidle over the last 'a' in his name, and I'm not sure which twiddle it is.)

The chestpiece? I was really excited about that. First time in a long while that I've really been excited about a gear upgrade. I tried it on, checked out Aeven to see how it looked, put on the old chestpiece to compare stats, then sold the chestpiece in my bags and logged out to get my enchanted to whomp me up a scroll to enchant my new armor.

Logged back in, and... yep. You guessed it. I had forgotten to swap the chestpieces back out, and had sold the tarnished plate to the vendor. And, of course, since I had logged out afterwards, I couldn't buy it back, either. Grumble. Ah, well. It was a hundred armor or so, and changing out 150 health for 22 defense rating. I can live without it for the next two levels until I can buy her a Heavy Draenic Breastplate, I guess.

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