Monday, May 10, 2010

Time for a Vacation

Over the weekend, Aeven finished up the various quest chains in Un'gro, with the exception of the Linkin quest chain, It's A Secret To Everybody. From there, she proceeded to tear through the Felwood, make nice to the friendly Furbolgs, and wade through the wonderful snowy landscape to find herself arriving at level 57 about the same time that she arrived at the Goblin outpost of Everlook. While I might drag her off to a Black Rock Depths for an adventure or two, I expect that Aeven will spend some time here knocking back a few quests and pushing for level 60.

There's something about Winterspring that really appeals to me. The quests in the area aren't anything special. They're not lore-heavy, not too difficult, and not to broken. The environment is kind of nice, and what running you have to do isn't onerous - probably because the zone is in the shape of a Y with Everlook right smack dab in the middle. So you rarely end up having to run the whole length of the zone to accomplish anything (yes, I'm looking at you, Felwood. Ugh!)

All of that combines to make for a nice, simple, relaxing zone. You've been running around like a maniac, righting wrongs, rescuing kittens, fighting ancient evils, and generally doing your best to pad out you Hero CV. All that's starting to pay off, it seems. At this point, you've probably gotten an inkling of the Silithid menace brewing in southern Kalimdor. You've seen hints of a demonic incursion and corruption in the Felwood. You've probably had half a dozen people give you ten good reasons each why your strong arm, in particular, is needed in the Plaguelands to fight the growing threat of the Scourge. We're talking real world-saving stuff, here, not just going on a quest to find Archmage Grandlooser's Socks of Power.

But you know what? It's been, like, 25 levels - at least - since you've had a decent vacation. In fact, aside from that time in Westfall... no, right, there were Defias there. Maybe it was that time in Stanglethorn Vale? Ugh, no, that's where you got that jungle rot. Oh! The Hinterlands! Yeah, that was a place of scenic beauty! Marred only be the Trolls, spiders, oozes and enraged wildkin roaming over every inch of the mob-infested place. Pretty scenery, though. Well, when it wasn't obscured by the howling Troll warriors trying to rip your spleen out so they could sacrifice you to the Old Ones.

Face it. You haven't had a decent vacation in... well, ever. It's been go go go since you first stepped out and started leveling, when Bozo the Wonder Quest Giver asked you to go kill Ten Sickly Squirrels or something. That non-stop pace can wear you down. So, before you head off to face uncertain death at the hands of huge mutant bugs, demonic legions and undead fueled by a hatred for all things living, wouldn't it be nice to just get away for a bit, relax, and spend some time enjoying the finer things in life?

Like slaughtering Yeti.

Well, OK - spending time in Winterspring is more like a working vacation. Sure, there's no skiing, no hot tubs, and the night life (quite frankly) stinks. But there is an inn, and a bunch of light questing you can do to keep yourself limber while you wander around, enjoying the scenery and killing the local inhabitants in order to loot their bodies for whatever pitiful few pieces of silver they might have on them.

What more could a noble adventurer want?


  1. Skip Silithus and do the plaguelands instead. Not that the plaguelands are exactly full of win but Silithus sucks. And after that you can head to Outland without ever setting foot in that scorpion-infested waster...

  2. That's what I was thinking. I've got no real compelling reason to revisit Silithus. I've done the vast majority of the quests once before, when I was working towards Loremaster on my main, and again to grind out Cenarion Circle rep. That's more than enough time spent there for me.

    Plus, you know - paladin, here. I'll go through the plagelands like a hot knife through butter. In Jaedenar (the demon-infested tunnels in Felwood), I was racking up over 600 dps in fights against 4-5 demons at a time. I expect that grinding through undead in the Plaguelands will be comparable, and a whole lot more fun than fighting giant bugs yet again.