Monday, May 17, 2010

Cruising Along

Aeven hit 60 last week, and plunged into the Outlands. A few hours later, she's torn her way through the Hellfire Peninsula, dipped her toes in Zangarmarsh, and... managed to get about 2/3 of the way to level 64.

Yep, you heard that right. She's almost level 64. Four levels in about as many days. That's without any marathon playing sessions, either - just the normal "welcome to Outland, here's a bunch of really easy quests with nice, fat, juicy XP" progression. Along the way, she also became a Master Cook, and earned the achievement Got My Mind On My Money.

Along the way, she id a partial run of Dire Maul East. Man, I hate that imp. We ended up wiping once in the grove before the final boss because I thought we could push through quickly and avoid the roaming mobs, then again after we rezed and three of us were waiting for the other two to rejoin us. We thought we were off the paths of the wandering mobs, but of course, as soon as chez tank (moi) went afk for a moment, three trees tried to eat our faces. Joy joy joy joy joy.

Everyone decided to bail at that point, which annoys me. We were almost finished, guys. Presumably, you had a pile of gold and a nice shiny blue item waiting for you just a short ways away. What makes someone think, "You know, I'd rather discard the last 40 minutes of play time and start all over rather than take a another step in this dungeon with y'all." Bleah.

On other fronts, it turns out that the Tarnished Plate items that are an upgrade for Aeven are only available from drops. Just questing in Hellfire Peninsula allowed Aeven to pick up two of those pieces, so she's 1/4 of the way there. Oh, and she got her hands on the Ancient Bone Mace she's been coveting, but hasn't gotten it enchanted yet. Frankly, things have just been ticking along so well, it really hasn't been a consideration. Take a break and pick up some enchantments and a few pieces of new gear, or continue to cut a swath through Outland and rack up some experience? I know what my answer is - a nice big heaping plate of XP, thank you please, sir, and may I have some more? I'm planning on continuing along that path for a while, until it gets to the point where there's an obvious degradation in Aeven's ability to kill anything that moves. Then I'll look at weapon/armor/enchantment upgrades.

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