Wednesday, May 5, 2010

See? It's not that hard...

Check out for some happy stories about folks working on the School of Hard Knocks achievement. Really, go. It's sweet. It will fill you with a new feeling of unbounded hope an optimism for our wretched society. It will make you all misty-eyed, even.

Which is better than the tears of frustration you'll squeeze out when the rest of your team in Eye of the Storm lets the opposing side tear you apart without lifting a finger, and tells you "lol who care about your achieve".

Yeah. I guess I'll just continue with the EotS lottery this evening, until I get someone willing to take pity on me. New strategy: capture a tower, wait for the inevitable pally/druid flag carrier to show up, and ask them drop the flag so I can capture it for the achievement. Or hey, maybe I'll get really lucky and find a pair of teams cooperating. Stranger things have happened, and hey - it's for the children, don't chu know.


  1. Is the orphan vulnerable in some way when you try for these achievements, or no? Just curious.
    I started enjoying battlegrounds somewhat more after I got some fairly serious pvp gear for my clothie (lvl 80 priest Aurelion on realm Arygos). Up to 1176 resilience now, I think. There's a sort of compounding where the damage reduction *and* crit reduction *and* DoT reduction *and* craploads of stamina multiply together, and since this then extends your life until comes around, resilience has a very nonlinear effect. Used to be (when I stepped into BGs with zero resilience, all PvE gear) I would heal my team until someone decided to attack me, and then in a few seconds I'd be dead - maybe a little longer if I could get off Fear. Now, with pvp trinket, pvp meta gem, pvp talents, and about the best gear I can get short of a significant Arena rating, I'm actually really hard to kill (got the WSG Ironman achievement not that long ago). If you keep at it you might find that you pass some similar point and things become less frustrating. Of course, this does nothing to address the problem of people on your team blaming everyone (else) for losing... seems pretty universal that someone wants to let loose once it's not going your way. That still doesn't piss me off as much as people who want to just stand there and give up once it's clear your side is not going to win.

  2. 'until comes around' above should be 'until fill-in-next-lifesaving-cooldown comes around'. I tried to use angle brackets and clearly my malicious attempt at HTML injection was eliminated.

  3. No, the orphan isn't vulnerable... they're essentially a non-combat pet. They do remain visible if you stealth or go invisible, though, which is annoying. "Oh, hey, look - the mage disappeared, but this here orphan is running off that-a-way! Hmm..." And they disappear when you die, so you have to re-summon them. It *stinks* to rez, buff, rush out, capture an objective... and realize you didn't have your orphan out. D'oh!

    I hadn't realize that about resilience... I'm sitting at about 606, and that really with only a modest effort and playing a few dozen Wintergrasp matches. I'll have to see about upgrading that a bit, and maybe getting some better PvP gear, I could probably push that in to the 800+ range without too much effort.

    How do you like Arena? It's one of the few things I haven't tried in WoW yet, and the idea of gearing up my disc priest and trying things out in a 2v2 or 3v3 battle intrigues me.

  4. I played 2v2 with a partner who had more Arena experience and crappier gear than I did. Was a good learning experience. The pace of arena is insane; nowhere else in WoW do I end up thinking 'hey, I need to change my keybindings so that the dispel key is closer to flash heal, those extra 50 milliseconds could cost us...'. Anyway if you play enough BGs and get as much pvp gear and experience as you can that way you will at least be ready to step into arena, though it ends up being harder. In the long run (as your ratings adjust) though you end up getting matched against people of similar skill so it's not too frustrating.