Friday, May 14, 2010


Thanks to her time in Winterspring, a bunch of experience from the Linken quest chain, and doing a handful of quests in the Western Plaguelands, Aeven is now... fanfare, please... level 60.


Along the way, she's run - and tanked - 30 dungeons. She's made somewhere in the neighborhood of 2500 gold (mostly through AH sales on my bank alt). Completed 677 quests. Died 80 times. Hearthed 70 times and taken 215 flight paths. She's /lol'd 17 times, /cheer'd 11 times, and /wave'd 11 times.

All in common gear.

Hitting level 60 was a veritable bonanza of skill upgrades. Nothing new, but it seemed like just about every major ability got a bump to a new level of power. With training under her belt, she immediately headed for the nearest portal to the Blasted Lands, and from there, made her way to the Hellfire Peninsula and Honor Hold.

Where I took a deep breath, steeled myself, and did what I've been anticipating for a week or so: sent Aeven out to encounter - and deal with - her first Burning Crusade mob.

There's a tangible difference between vanilla mobs and BC. I've noticed it on all the characters I've leveled though outland so far (mage, priest, death knight). They just seem tougher. More armor? More hits? Faster? Whatever the qualities are, they've been noticeable. Keep in mind, too, that has been on characters that have been as well-geared as could be for their levels.

So when Aeven stepped out of Honor Hold and found her first Fel Orc, it was with a little bit of trepidation. Would this fight be too tough for her? Would the BC mobs just be too much to handle without boosted stats from gear? Or, if not, would it just take so long to grind down a mob that leveling would become a nightmare?

Time to find out...

Health at full? Check. Mana at full? Check. Retribution Aura, Blessing of Might, Seal of Righteousness? Check, check, check.

Target Orc, and... go.

Loot still-smoking corpse of former orc.


Oh, yeah. She's ready for Outland, boys.

Bring it.

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