Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It's Not Just Me!

In a post today, Tobold explains his current situation, where he is trying to level a druid that he let stall at low level a while back. An interesting article, but buried in there is a nice little comment where he tells why he left off leveling the druid in the first place. He rolled a druid and a paladin at the same time, started leveling them, and:

While that plan initially looked somewhat balanced, the flaws soon became apparent. While the druid was better to play at very low levels, the paladin got a big boost in power at level 16, and by level 20 was a completely overpowered soloing monster. Even without dual-spec yet, he was what players of previous games would call a "tank mage", that mythical character with no flaws at all, being able to deal as much damage as any other class, while simultaneously being able to withstand far more damage than a pure damage-dealer, and being able to heal himself to boot when things got rough.
This was pretty much my experience, too. Level 16 was a big boost, even trying to level as protection spec. As I've noted, being able to dual spec to protection for tanking, retribution for leveling at level 40 has made a huge difference as well. To be fair, Tobold also mentions another factor - having played three Horde characters to 80, he was more interested in seeing things from the Alliance side on his paladin. It doesn't change the fact that paladins are more capable and easier to play than other classes.

Which makes me wonder if I made the right choice of class with Aeven. It's one thing to level in vendor gear; it's another thing entirely to level in vendor gear, using what is arguably the most versatile and powerful class in the game. I've played a mage and a priest to level 80 and beyond; a death knight to almost 70, a druid into the 20's, and now I've got Aeven pushing into the 60's. Leveling any of them to 60 undergeared might have been annoying, but I don't think it would have been impossible. The process probably would have been slower, and I definitely would have made some different talent choices, but I'm sure it could be done.

Still... I can't help but think that it wouldn't have been anywhere as easy as it's been with Aeven. Perhaps I should have chosen to level as a warrior, or a rogue instead? Eh... c'est la vie. Aeven's who Aeven is, now, and if she's OP, well, that's life.

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  1. Rogue in my opinion would be the most annoying class to level in white gear. First of all, damage depends reasonably heavily on weapon/gear (or did, back when I played a rogue). Second, as dps instead of tank you wouldn't get cut as much slack if you tried to go instance leveling. And to the extent that you can describe rogue's specialness vis a vis other toons it would be fair to say that they excel at avoiding and escaping tough spots... which generally doesn't fill up your exp bar.
    Leveling as warrior would have some of the same problems, but with lots of food and first aid you could do OK, and I *think* a well played warrior could still tank instances in white gear.
    Hunter and warlock I bet you could still level pretty easily in white gear. Mages would have terrible endurance problems due to small mana pool... I guess so long as you didn't take on elite mobs too often they would do OK too. Just have to drink after every single mob :-P