Sunday, August 1, 2010

Everybody loves me, baby!

Well... as far as Aetherna is concerned, at least the Cenarion Expedition does. Which brings her up to a grand total of twenty-five exalted reputations!

I'd have the hippogriff as well, but frankly, I'm not really interested in taking 1600 gold and throwing it off into the swamp just to get a cool mount that I'll probably ride once, then ignore because it's not a 310% ride. Ah, well.

In the course of things, this involved clearing the Steamvault... I did it once with a couple of fine fellows, then went back and did it solo (which was much more difficult, but obviously not impossible.)

After that, it was off to Northrend to spend some time repeatedly sticking a knife into the general vicinity of Glacial Boneguards. Half a dozen undead creepy-crawlies later, Aetherna picked up the last point she needed to reach 400 skill in daggers, which got her the Master of Arms achievement.

Once she got that, it was off to the Caverns of Time, where she got to attempt to escort an (apparently) suicidal Thrall as he escaped from Durnholde. Oh, joy! It took two attempts, but the second time through, Aeth managed to eke out a victory:

Two runs of Durnholde, followed by two incomplete runs of the Black Morass, and Aeth had picked up enough reputation to get her hands on a Key of Time... which let her get her final achievment for the weekend: Keymaster!

I'd forgotten just how much fun doing some of these achievements can be. I've never done Durnholde or Black Morass before. While I wasn't able to finish the Morass, I came pretty close on the last boss; with a little more effort on buffing (say, the right flask, and picking up Fortitude/Kings before heading in to the instance), I think it would be doable.

Next up? Hero of the Zandalar Tribe, maybe. I've got a list of achievements I think I'd like to work on, and now is definitely the time to knock off some of those old-world ones that might be going away in the near future.

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