Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello, Kitty

No, I'm not playing a druid. Instead, this is about HER.

HER hegemony rapidly approaches. Don't believe this so-called refutation - it's painfully obvious that Hello Kitty is not just some sort of kawaii marketing icon. In fact, HER role as an emissary of the Old Gods themselves becomes clearer every day.

Since Snopes is apparently covering for HER horrible machinations, I can only conclude that the brains of their staff have already been sucked out and replaced with snappy, stylish Hello Kitty tchotchkes. If you look closely into their eyes, you'll see the faint, faint image of HER, their new master. You will recoil from that horror and turn to flee... but, of course, by then it will be too late.

Which is why I worked hard over the weekend to get Chef de Cusine and Grizzled Veteran.

The Recipe Radar addon proved to be a big help with the cooking achievement. It made it very easy to locate the 20 or so recipes I could learn off of trainers in various parts of the old world. When push came to shove, though, I was at 159/160 recipes, with two choices:
  • Grind mobs in The Barrens for hours on end until my fingers bled, my eyes burned from the constant stream of tears, and the RNG finally allowed something to drop the recipie for Savory Deviate Delight, or
  • Hit the neutral auction house and spend 20g or so on a Horde-only recipe.
Since I have the achievement, and am not currently a nervous, twitching, sleep-deprived shell of a man, you can guess which one I went for. After that, Grizzled Veteran was actually a bit of an anticlimax... with no horde hanging around Grizzly Hills anymore, getting these done was just a matter of finding time to bang them out.

So step #324 of the Hello Kitty survival plan is in place. I suggest you get your Chef achievement as quickly as possible. One of the first things that Hello Kitty does when SHE gets hold of your mental facilities is make it impossible to understand exactly why this achievement is so important to resisting HER. I've even heard reports that in partially assimilated future subjects, SHE impedes their visual cortex so that even the idea of @^UB#@S /{^EQQ,/#@ ^UC#@S/ ,^EQ Q}/@-1 S/{/#@ ^UR#.U 1ZJQ Z\^SC .,.+ -^SXQ -^SD is impossible to comprehend. So, don't hesitate - get your Chef achievement and QPJ0 AUTD QT+1@I/ /QIJ@ quickly!

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