Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm the what now?

Continuing to work on achievements with Aetherna, primarily rep grinds... or, better put, attempted rep grinds. I've discovered that with a little care, she can solo the regular Shattered Halls, though it ends up taking over an hour for something like 1500 rep. Ironically, the bosses are cake; I power up, pop Mirror Image, and then it's relatively simple to burn the boss down while my images keep him occupied for 30 seconds. It's the multiple-mob trash packs that are insanely difficult. I can sheep one, slow another, frost nova a couple more, then BAM! - I've got a fell orc I missed trying to gnaw my face off. Bleah.

I keep hoping that I'll find someone else grinding rep so we can just team up and burn through a couple of dungeons quickly. Run, reset, lather, rinse, repeat. One request, Blizzard: please, please, please update the LFD tool to allow higher-level characters to queue for lower-level dungeons. Match me up with someone my level, or something, but let me queue and forget so I don't have to stay in town spamming trade chat with LFM requests. Oh, yeah - the whole LFG channel? Deader than a doornail. I can't even raise the shade of a cricket in there.

That may make it sound bleak, but really, it's not been too bad. Since I've been hanging out in town anyways, I hit Dalaran and managed to pick up a bunch of fishing achievements. Yep! She's got a nice, shiny Titanium Seal of Dalaran now, the reward from getting The Coin Master achievement... which means she's also gotten A Penny For Your Thoughts, Silver in the City, and There's Gold In That There Fountain. Her last fished up coin was Chromie's Gold Coin, which seems kind of fitting.

She also managed to get Freedom of the Alliance, too, by finally completing the Hellfire Fortifications quest while flying around, mining, and trying to convince someone to come run one of the Citadel instances.

Reputation grind: Keepers of Time and Honor Hold are now both (barely) at Exalted. Woohoo!

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