Friday, August 13, 2010

Little by little, inch by inch

The quest for achievements continues. Slowly, in some cases... though recently, that's been less because of reputation grinds, and more because Comcast (or Blizzard, or both) for some reason decides to completely screw up my latencies around midnight. It's hard to run Magister's Terrace solo when you simply freeze in place for 15 seconds after pulling a pack of 5-6 mobs. Wait, wait, wait... explosion and flurry of activity, followed by the "You have died" dialog. Multiple times. Oh, the joy of network play.

Despite the enmity of teh Interwebs, in the past few days, Aetherna has picked up the 1000 Daily Quests Complete achievement. That's largely thanks to doing the Shattered Sun Offensive dailies in Quel'danas. She also managed to fish up the World's Largest Mudfish, otherwise known as the One That Got Away, which was the last BC-era fishing quest she needed to get in order to be Old Man Barlowned.

Rounding out the BC achievements this week, she finally got the recipe for Skullfish Soup from The Rokk's BC-era cooking daily. One skullfish later, she was being hailed as an Outland Gourmet. Now if the Rokk would just ask for some Spiritual Soup, she could be Kickin' It Up A Notch... but noooo, it's been Kaliri Stew now for three days straight. Get some variety in your diet, man!

In between the dailies, rep grinding, and such, Aeth's also managed to finally get her 500 Dungeon & Raid Emblems achievement, and also managed to do A Void Dance in the Violet Hold. Running a random heroic or three in between dailies has served her well, and whetted my appetite for more.

Current reputation grind progress:
  • Zandalar Tribe : 10494/21000 (stalled)
  • Keepers of Time : 873/12000 (stalled)
  • Shattered Sun Offensive: 10388/12000
Doing the SSO dailies (those that I can get to easily, at least) ends up netting about 3500k rep per day. Add in another 1k for an hour or so clearing MT up to Vexallus nets another 1000k rep or so in an hour. No, I haven't made it past Vexxy yet - go back and re-read the first paragraph. I'm going to see if I can't rope some folks into running MT with me tonight, just so I can see what the rest of the instance looks like.

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