Monday, August 9, 2010


Aetherna's achievement hounding progresses nicely. She's now exalted with the Sha'tari Skyguard, and Flying High Over Skettis. She managed to go fishing in Zul'Gurub and managed to hook Gahz'ranka, the Deadliest Catch... though, Gahz being a unique and wonderful creature, she found it within herself to practice catch-and-release. Well, ok, technically it was "catch-and-release-and-run-for-your-life". Still counted for the achievement, though.

While bouncing between Stranglethorn Vale and Terokkar Forest, Aeth was still careful to mind her P's and Q's. She's Got Her Mind On Her Money, after all.

Money isn't all that's on her mind. Current reputation grind progress:
  • Zandalar Tribe : 10494/21000
  • Keepers of Time : 873/12000 (stalled)
  • Shattered Sun Offensive: 1521/6000
While I''m happy to be making progress on some BC reputations, it's really the old world reps I really want to work on now. The factions that I have left there, though, are all mind-numbing grindfests: Wintersaber Trainers, Hydraxian Waterlords, Darkmoon Faire, Thorium Brotherhood, Shen'dralar, Ravenholdt, Steamwheedle. Sheesh. There's a reason why a lot of these factions are associated with the Insane in the Membrane achievement, after all. Looking at a guide for that achievement, it seems like my best bet is to spend some time killing pirates n'at in Tanaris.

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