Friday, July 30, 2010

Changing Perspectives

A couple of days ago, there was an article on that mentioned achievements that will be going away when Cataclysm is released.


That roused the latent achievement hound spirit in me, and I logged in on Aetherna the Boomy Mage to see what she had "in progress" from my last spate of achievement gathering. Let's see... Cenarion Expedition rep for her 25th exalted reputation? Sounds good!

About half a dozen deaths in the Steamvault later, I realized...
  • Mages aren't tanks. Standing toe-to-toe with multiple naga just isn't a good idea.
  • Frost Nova... right. I have Frost Nova! Tack 'em in place, then burn 'em down. OK!
  • Oh, hey! That's right, I can Slow these guys! Now I can actually take on two at a time!
  • Crowd control! SHEEP! I can sheep these guys! Woohoo!
  • Man, they're tough... oh, hey, wait, why am I running this on Heroic again?
So, about an hour later, I was out of "indestructible protection paladin" mode and into "squishy dealer of death" mode again, slowly clearing my way through the Steamvault.

Last night, I did the same thing... only this time, I managed to bring along a couple of folks to lend a hand. Two fine fellows, Bainbridge (ret pally) and Coeam (laser chicken). We did a couple of very smooth clears of the Steamvault, where I recalled another lesson about playing a mage I had forgotten:
Despite all that, it was a fun time, and two nights in the Steamvault (plus buying every Coilfang Armament I could find on the AH) took me from 5k rep to 14k rep. Not bad.

On top of it all, Bainbridge and Coeam were both interested in getting their Shattered Hall key... as was I. So we popped over to Shadowmoon valley, grabbed the item that starts the quest chain for the key, then beat feet back to Hellfire Peninsula. One dead Fel Reaver later, and I had my key... leaving me one key short (the Key of Time) of the Keymaster achievement!

All in all, a couple of really good nights.

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