Friday, August 6, 2010

"There is great disorder under heaven and the situation is excellent."

Which just about sums up my week IRL. In WoW, on the other hand, there is a moderate and entirely acceptable amount of disorder, and the situation is still excellent.

I've had Aetherna running around the Outlands for the past few days, with a periodic foray toSTV via Stormwind. She's been collecting recipes, doing the BC cooking and fishing dailies, and getting some fishing in. At the end of the week, she's managed to pick up:
She's been a good little boomy mage in grinding out her reputations, too:
Picking up the Skyguard rep has been relaxing. I hit Skettis, run around like a madwoman killing anything that moves, then take a break to fish Highland Mixed Pools in a half-hearted attempt to snag Mr. Pinchy. Each regular Skettis kill gives reputation, and there's a good chance of getting Shadow Dust - which you can turn in for rep and an elixir that let's you see the Time-Lost Skettis, who drop the Time Lost Scrolls you need to summon the next tier of bosses.

After 2-3 circuits, vendoring gray items in between, I generally have a bag full of motes, netherweave cloth, and a bunch of other goodies. Pop down the the Allerian Stronghold, mail off greens to my enchanter, everything else to my bank alt, then head back up to Skettis and do it all over again. Not horribly profitable, but at least I'm making a profit instead of burning money. Reputation-wise, I'm managing to pick up an average of 1k per circuit from daily quests, repeatable quests, kills, and boss kills.

The boss kills also give me the items I need to turn in to get a Time-Lost Offering that can be used to summon and (try!) to kill Terokk. I've unfortunately expended two off the offerings trying to solo Terokk, which just doesn't seem to be a good idea as a cloth-covered sack of protoplasm. Ah, well... live and learn. I'll do Terokk if/when I can get a couple of folks to help out.

This particular rep grind has really been enjoyable for me. There's a couple of different activities to do, so it's not all just grind, grind, grind. On the other hand, it's not all "5 dailies and you're done", either. So there's a good mix of activities. Plus, I can spin off for a while and do some fishing, some mining, run a heroic with some guild mates, or pop over to Shattrath to pick up the fishing and cooking dailies as a break from the routine. All in all, a nice way to wind down in the evening.

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