Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cywnise is... well, wise

Or, at the very least, wiser than I am.

If you want to know How To Win Tol Barad, she's got the answers for ya.

I'm consistently impressed by the thought, experience and insight that Cynwise puts into her posts. It's one thing to lay out the battlefield, talk about strong points and the flow of battle, and give people the information they need to know in order to effectively attack or defend.

It's another thing entirely to write an article that makes your readers go, "Crud... I won't be able to try this for another 8 hours! Maybe I can put together a bit of a premade? I mean, there's that PvP gear I crafted and put up on the AH, but I could pull that off and equip a few folks in the guild and... and... I wants it! I WANTS MY PRECIOUS! TOL BARAD WILL BE OURS!"


"Inspiring" is the word I was looking for, I think.

Go. Read. Be encouraged.

Then go kick those arrogant SOBs out of your battleground.

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