Monday, February 28, 2011

A Life That's Full

Didn't get much play time this weekend - there was a lot going on IRL - but what I did manage was pretty revealing.

I ran two new (to me) heroics on Aeth - Blackrock Caverns and Deadmines. The BC run was a bit of a challenge, with multiple wipes. I found myself grateful for (a) The Quick and The Dead, and (b) that there's finally a graveyard in the Deadmines, just outside the instance portal. Oh, and (c) that apparently, all the new dungeons include some way to teleport from the entrance to whatever point you've managed to clear up to already. Yay for convenience helps!

We only had one wipe on the Deadmines run, and of the three DPS, Aeth clocked in at the bottom of the charts with just over 10k dps. Apparently, this was a Good Run (TM). During the course of the two dungeons, Aeth managed to pick up a number of achievements:
That's in addition to the normal and heroic achievements for completing the dungeons.

Here's the thing, though... I went into these runs cold. No, I hadn't read up on the dungeons or the bosses, studied any strats, or watched any videos. What I did do was stay out of the fire, sheep (well, turtle :-) when directed, and - once - pop Time Warp when the tank asked for it, instead of relying on my own judgement.

Overall, it wasn't anywhere near as difficult as I expected. Granted, these were guild randoms - we started off both runs with an excellent tank, and for the Deadmines run, we also had an absolutely top-notch healer along as well. Minus some quick direction on boss mechanics, though, I was surprised that the fights were... well, fairly obvious. Stay out of the fire. Don't let the bad stuff hit you. Pick up the adds. Pay attention, be ready to move, collect phat lewt.

So, I think I'll be jumping into more randoms here and there, as time permits. I'm sure I'll eventually run into a "gogogo" guy again, but for now, at least, it looks like picking up 1-2 guild mates and filling in the res of the group from LFD is a winning strategy.

On other fronts, Aeth finally rescued Pebble for the last time, and so got the achievement Rock Lover - which means she now has an incredibly cute little elemental that can follow her around. Which causes a bit of a quandary, as this weekend is when Aeth's campaign against the foxes of Baradin came to an end when one dropped the almost-unbearably-full-of-squee Fox Kit. Ahh! Which one, which one? Ah, well. As the mood takes me, I suppose... but I have to admit that Pebble is a really, really, really cute lil' guy!

Oh, and for music Monday: here - have some Haggis. I've got kilts on my mind, as a friend is going to get married soon, and her husband will be in traditional Scottish garb. I'm trying to convince my wife that really, if that's the case, then I absolutely should get myself a kilt for the wedding as a show of respect. No luck so far, but there's months to go yet...

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