Monday, January 31, 2011


Aeth's grinding out reputations and running dailies. Laen is busy gathering cloth, generating dreamcloth and knitting some epic-level armor pieces. Life in Azeroth - minus the whole "impending doom as Deathwing prepares to destory the world" vibe, obviously - has taken on a slightly domestic feel.

Which is why I spent some time on Aretae, the Worgen rogue, this weekend. My immediate goal is to get him to level 20 so it doesn't feel like I'm crawling everywhere I go. Long term goal, obviously, is to get him to a high enough level to help Aeth get the Insane in the Membrane achievement.

Playing a low-level alt is always interesting. I'm a hero of Azeroth! I've defeated constructs of the Titans, Old Gods, and the forces of the Lich King!

And now I'm collecting corrupted crawler parts in Darkshore. Hence, today's music monday song. See? I have a reason. It's not just that I bumped into it again last week, and have had trouble erasing it from my mind since then. Nooooooo! Not at all. This is a carefully selected song designed to indicate the POV of voluntarily going from a high-level character, on top of the world, to a low-level alt clawing his way up through the ranks. Not at all an attempt to pass on a particularly insidious ear-worm to you all.


Aside form the whole "back to the beginning" thing, playing Aretae is a very different experience for me. Rogues are... frenetic. I feel less like I'm playing a careful, reasoned game, and more like I've walked into an arcade and jumped on one of those button-mashing fighting games.

I mean, I even have combo points and finishing moves!

I'm almost ashamed to admit that my "fighting style" with Aretae is, in fact, button mashing. Since most of the mobs in Darkshore are lower-level than he is, it really doesn't make much of a difference what abilities I use - things die amazingly quickly. I feel like some sort of whirlwind of death and destruction chewing through packs of enemies, leaving broken bodies in a growing wake of death and destruction across the land.

I die pretty often, too... but the whole "engine of controlled fury" thing really is kind of fun. I find myself thinking that maybe doing a battleground or two would be interesting. Just, you know, to see how it feels to be on the other side of a stun lock for a change.

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