Thursday, February 17, 2011

Work, work, work...

Ah-yep. Work's been eating up a lot of my time lately.

A lot of time.

Part of the price you pay for working at a startup is, in fact, working at a startup.

In between dealing with virtual memory issues, operating system bugs and other wonderful esoterica, I've only had a little time to escape into Azeroth this week... and while there, I've pretty much only managed to take care of the essentials.

Like snagging Aeth a new pair of pants. That brings her to a total of 4 epics, 9 blues and 5 greens. Item level 342 equipped!

Well, OK. I got to run around and murder undead for an hour or so on Aretae last night. That's hardly even playing, though, really. They all fall down so easily...

Something I did notice, which seemed kind of weird. You're able to use finishing moves like Recuperate after a mob has died. This is apparently intentional, and is really kind of interesting. If I'm only down a few percent on health after finishing a mob, I'll hit Slice and Dice and get an attack speed buff. Otherwise I'll go for a nice HoT from Recuperate. If I'm quick, I can alternate the two, and zip from mob to mob, healing and slicing and healing and slicing and generating nice big purple XP numbers.

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