Wednesday, February 23, 2011


It crept up on me completely unexpectedly... my last post here was #200. Wow.

Another milestone of a sorts happened as I played Aeth last night. The battle for Tol Barad came around while I was finishing the dailies there, so I hopped into the battle, and had an absolute blast. A spell-stealing, slowing, polymorphing blast. I don't know what was up, but I was bouncing around and attacking and defending with glee.

Highlights of the battle? Following a running battle and managing to spell-steal every single buff from a half dozen Horde attackers - that was good. Sneaking up behind a healing shammy and keeping him locked down with polymorph and counterspells - nice!

Absolute best moment, though? Dying at the hands of an orc warrior twice in the same pitched battle for the Warden's Vigil. I managed to catch him alone on the road headed for the scrum, and while I didn't kill him, I whittled him down enough that another player was able to finish him off pretty easily. When he returned to the battle, he singled me out for punishment. Orc warrior vs. human mage? Yeah, not much of a fight there. What made it for me was that he obviously went out of his way - bypassing even the healers, for crying out loud! - to target poor lil' Aeth.

Apparently, I was a threat.

It was glorious.

We lost the battle, but even the losing was an awful lot of fun. Afterwards, I jumped on Aretae and continued working on leveling him in Northern Stranglethorn. Even without any heriloom gear, leveling is quick, and fun. I have to admit that I was not being very rogue-like while hunting the beasts of stranglethorn... I'd pop Running Wild, lope across the landscape until I spotted a target, and then leap and attack.

Watching my wolf-man run down a panther, then leap upon it for the kill? Oh, man. I think I could do that for hours without it getting old.

Oh, wait. I did.

And it was glorious.

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