Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Enumerating the Innumerable

Over at Disciplinary Action, there's an interesting post up on Shameless Self-Promotion.

In the interests of full disclosure (and getting back into the habit of posting daily during the week!), here's the A20S statistics from the past year, courtesy of Blogger and Google Analytics. Rest assured, I will be poring over this data, and use it to craft my eventual plan for WoW-blogging domination.

Well, I mean, once I get my Cataclysm reps to exalted. I mean, you've got to have priorities, you know.

  • 3,196 page views of 170 posts in 23 categories
  • 2,354 visits from 49 countries
  • 80% of visitors were from referring sites
  • Peak traffic was on Friday, June 25th (thanks to a WoW Insider post)
  • Most Referrals: Disciplinary Action, Righteous Defense, Righteous Orbs
Top 10 Search Phrases!
  • hail my tauren compatriot
  • shen'dralar rep cata
  • earthquakes in ironforge
  • geek women unite
  • keepers of time rep
  • ragefire chasm wont let me in
  • ravenholdt rep cataclysm
  • shen'dralar cataclysm
  • shen'dralar rep cataclysm
  • 20k azeroth fly
Top Posts!
  • Music Monday Posts: 8
  • Music Monday Posts made on a day other than Monday: 1
  • Number of times Shamus Young is mentioned: 4
  • Number of times OOTS is mentioned: 2

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