Monday, January 17, 2011

Busy Times

This past weekend was very busy IRL... my wife and I attended a winter retreat with out church's teen group, which resulted in (a) a lot of good memories which unfortunately came with (b) a reminder that I am nowhere near to being a teenager any more. Ooof. Getting old, man. I mean, it couldn't have had anything to do with playing murderball in the snow, right? Exercise is healthy for you!

Since we were essentially incommunicado for a day and a half or so, I did something I usually don't do, and logged in on Friday morning before heading to work. I really didn't want to miss doing my JC and cooking dailies, and once I did them, I realized I was something like 36 rep away from reaching revered with my guild. Since I had managed to get my 40 exalted reputations the night before, I was thinking, OK - let's push this over the edge!

One fishing daily later, and... whoa! Am I the first person in the guild to hit revered? Must have been, because along with Aeth getting to the new level of guild rep, we got the Diplomacy and Ambassadors guild achievements. Woohoo! Very nice. I'm just bummed that nobody else in the guild was on to see it. Ah, well.

In related news, Laen managed to hit level 84 yesterday. Which meant he was able to do the intro quests for the Twilight Highlands, and unlock the vendors there. Vendors who were sooooo grateful that Laen had saved them from horrible death at the hands of the Horde, that they were willing to offer him a massive discount on their merchandise! If by "massive discount on merchandise" you mean "massive indifference, discounting that I just saved your rancid hide and your merchandise from going up in flames".

Gotta love the vendors.

In any case... Laen has access to the high-level enchanting and tailoring recipes now. In the long run, this may not make much of a difference - the cost (in terms of heavenly shards and bolts of embersilk) that these trainers charge is outrageous across the board. I'm pretty sure that you can make the case for tailoring being the most painfully expensive profession to level... well, no. On average, JC is probably the most expensive, given that (on average) it chews through something like a half-dozen green gems a week in exchange for a recipe or two. In terms of a more immediate "Holy cow, where did my money go, and why is this man smiling at me that way?" expensive, though, tailoring is definitely up there.

Even though he's got access to the Twilight Highlands trainers now, I'm going to keep pushing Laen through to 85 and beyond... got to get his reputation up to honored so that the grind to max out enchanting and tailoring count for guild achievements.

Edit: Almost forgot! Music monday... enjoy your Buffett!

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