Thursday, January 13, 2011

It's A Small World, After All

I've been thinking about updating the blog and adding a little bit of color. I'm generally a plain-Jayne type of guy, but even the stark wasteland of black text on a white background gets to me, eventually.

To that end, I was browsing through my screen shorts folder, when I came across this beauty:

Yes, that's Aeth, Flintlocke, and Doc. While I'm a great fan of Fargo's comics, I was particularly tickled by this particular shot.

You see, in one of those odd twists of fate, I used to work for Dave's brother, long ago and in a galaxy far, far away [1]. While I never got to meet Dave, it amuses me to think that my avatar, in some manner, got to meet his avatar, in a game that he writes for and that I write about.

It's a strange world, indeed.

[1] Metaphorically, in a literal sense. While it was actually only a few minutes across town from where I work now, my employment there eventually led to my name making it into a SF book as that of an alien infiltrator. So, yeah. I know some really cool people. I'm still not sure why they bother to hang out with me...

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