Saturday, April 3, 2010

Assumptions Will Get You Dead

The first and most important words of adventuring knowledge, which I've imparted to my eldest daughter (yes, I am a geek) is:

Remember to not die.

If I recall correctly, it was Greg Dean who first revealed these words of wisdom to me, though I am unable (i.e., too lazy) to look up the exact comic in which they appeared. My forgetfullness is your gain, as you will now have to read through the backlog of his excellent comic strips in order to find this particular gem of wisdom.

I was recently given cause to ponder a corollary to this most excellent first thesis, which is:

Don't assume that anyone else knows what they're doing.

Which is all well and good, except that when you take it to it's logical conclusion, you arrive at a destination you may not be all that comfortable with. To wit:

Don't assume that you know what you're doing.

I was reminded of this in Blackfathom Deeps the other night. The LFD tool put together a slightly overpower group, again with Aeven as the junior tank. Even in that situation, we were doing quite well, and had managed to make it all the way to Twilight Lord Kelris without any major problems.

Now, in my defense, I've only run BFD once before - and that was on my Naxx-geared level 80 mage, just to see what the dungeon looked like. Oh, ok - and to get the achievement. I'm funny that way. At this point, I remembered that you needed to do something like... ah, right! Click on the braziers to open the door!

Patting myself on the back for remembering this little detail, I went ahead and did just that. I clicked on the braziers.

All of the braziers.

Each of which spawned a wave of critters intent on gnawing my face off to get to the tasty, tasty squishy folks standing behind me.


After that debacle, a bunch of folks dropped group - and I really can't blame them. I mean, I was an idiot. I could see how they might view my actions - "We were running BFD, and the idiot tank clicks on all the braziers and wipes the party." Did I do it intentionally? Accidentally? They couldn't know.

So, for those fine folks that I maligned by allowing hideous creatures of the deeps to gnaw on your bones: please accept my apology. My actions were not motivated by malice, but were, in fact, an act of momentary idiocy. You see, I thought I knew what I was doing.

In other news: despite the setback in BFD, Aeven has managed to make it to level 22. Lots of tasty goodness along the way - Consecration and Exorcism, for one, and her first mount, for another.

Level 22 also brings with it a gear upgrade, as she's now high enough level to make use of Polished Scale armor, and a weapon upgrade, to a Longsword. The new armor will get more or less the same set of enchantments as her current set, with the exception of putting Greater Defense on her cloak and Greater Striking on her longsword.

Oh, and she finally picked up a set of Durable Chain Shoulders, a white quest reward from killing Chok'sul in Loch Modan. That was kind of weird. I mean, when was the last time you saw a white quest reward? I had to check twice to make sure I was really seeing what I was seeing. Shoulders? For me? And I can wear them? Joy!

The armor upgrades are significant, in that - aside from a few drops that I may run into, like the Double Mail armor pieces - they're the best Aeven is going to see until level 32, when she can finally equip Augmented Chain, the first set of armor she'll be able to use that can take level 35+ item enchantments. So, armor-wise, it looks like it'll be a slog through the next ten levels, followed by a big upgrade... followed by another period of no upgrades until level 45, when she can start equipping plate.

At this point, I can hear a couple of you chuckling at my ignorance again. "Waiting until level 45 to wear plate? You silly noob! You get to wear plate at level 40!"

Hey - check out what wowhead has to say about that, chuckles. Notice something there? Yep. While there are plenty of uncommon or better plate items with no level restrictions or with a level restriction of 40 or better, to wear the lowest grade set of standard, non-magical, common plate, you need to be level 45 or better.

So in this instance, at least, I know what I'm doing.

Or at least, I think I know what I'm doing... we'll just have to wait another 23 levels and see :-)

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