Sunday, April 11, 2010

Welcome to Early Middle Age

Aeven's mid-level now; at level 35, she's almost half way to the level cap. Picked up a Glyph of Seal of Command as Aeven's second major glyph, which seems to have helped with maintaining mana - while fighting regular mobs in one or twos, the glyph plus using Judgement of Wisdom seems to help her keep her mana topped off.

On the way to 35, she finished off some of the longer quest chains, including The Missing Diplomat and the Morbent Fel chain in Duskwood. Fortunately, Morbent's Bane - which is required for completing that quest chain - is a white off-hand item, so Aeven could use it. There may be other quests in the future that will require using uncommon items to complete, though. We'll see what's across that bridge when we come to it; I don't expect the requirements to use uncommon items to complete quests will ever lead to Aeven having to grind mobs to level.

One XP source that I've avoided so far has been PvP battlegrounds. Quite frankly, I stink at PvP. I enjoy getting into the tussle in Wintergrasp, but that's been a one in a blue moon kind of diversion for my level 80's, so I've never really had an incentive to learn how to handle myself in PvP. Now, I find myself thinking, "Gee... you know, Aeven really isn't as, oh, squishy as my mage and my priest. Maybe hopping into a battleground or two wouldn't be so bad..."

So, there's a possibility of some righteous Horde smiting in my future. Probably a bad idea for a character leveling without any item bonuses, but who knows? Maybe I'll try and squeeze a battleground in sometime between hitting up Razorfen Downs and the Scarlet Monestary.

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