Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Short Update

Aeven is now level 37, and more than halfway on her way to level 38. The big Four Oh is just around the corner! She's managed to tank Razorfen Downs and the Graveyard and Library wings of the Scarlet Monastery without complaint, though I'll mention that having an insanely geared max-level-for-the-instance shaman running SM Library with you is an interesting experience.

Gear is static: still sporting the augmented chain armor, as I will for another 7 1/2 levels. Bleah. On the plus side, I seem to be doing a decent job of tanking - I'm think I've mastered "Keeping Aggro (101)", and graduated to "Regaining Aggro When The Mage Starts Setting Things On Fire (102)". I'm still a pretty horrible fail at using Righteous Defense, though. I really need to find a decent macro for it, so I can make it part of Aeven's tanking repertoire instead of an "Oh, yeah - I could have used RD there... crud" ability.

In terms of talents, I've been putting points into the protection tree for the last dozen levels or so. I think that when Aeven hits level 40, I'll go ahead and pay for a respec and re-allocate her talent points to be a more solid prot spect instead of a prot/ret hybrid. Or... Hmm. I've got a bunch of materials I've been stockpiling, thanks to mining and skinning, with an eye towards power leveling engineering at some point. There's probably a good bit of gold in them there bank tabs. Enough to pay for a dual spec so she can go prot/ret? Probably not, but it worth it to check, at least. Going prot for dungeons and ret for questing seems like it would be the best of both worlds.

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