Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thirty-nine? That and a gold will get you a respec.

Poilished off a few quests in Arathi over the last few days, and ding! - Aeven's level 39 now. I'm starting to notice a change in the mobs she's dealing with, too. It seems like she's missing more, especially against same-level or higher mobs. They're generally tougher to take down, even if they're a level or two below her. Overall, though, she's still one tough little lady. Handling three level 40+ normal mobs is just about beyond her, but just barely. So the questing is proceeding well.

With level 39, I decided to finally bite the bullet and repec Aeven to be primarily 19/11 prot/ret. This allows her to keep +5% parry from Deflection, attack power from Improved Blessing of Might and added damage from the Seal of Command, all from the protection talent tree. Now, though, she also gets Divine Strength (+15% strength), Anticipation (+5% dodge), Improved Righteous Fury (-6% damage), Toughness, and Improved Devotion Aura from the protection tree.

We'll see how the shift in talents affects her leveling. Not much, I'd wager - she'll be harder to kill, sure, but there's a slight reduction in her damage as well, so mobs will have a longer time to try and kill her. We'll just have to see how that all pans out.

Long term plans: hit 40, get a faster mount. Hit 41, start queuing up for the two wings of the Scarlet Monastery that she hasn't seen yet. Hit 43 or so, and start thinking about venturing into Ulduman.

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