Saturday, April 10, 2010

Home Base Reset

As I mentioned in the previous post, things are getting a might bit hectic, with a lot of running to and fro. Right now, Aeven has quests sitting in her log that will take her to Duskwood, Dun Morogh, Ironforge, Loch Modan, Stormwind, Westfall, Silverpine Forest, and the Wetlands. There would be more, except that she's knocked off a couple that took her to Dustwallow Marsh and Darnassus.

That's a lot of running around; and, in all likelyhood, it's just going to get worse. the Dustwallow Marsh quests she picked up are an indication of the cross-continental challenges that are looming in her little Dwarven future.

With that in mind, Aeven bid a fond and tearful farewell to her home base in Ironforge, found a friendly mage, coughed up a few gold, and then said hello to her new hearthstone home in the floating city of Dalaran.

A home base in Dalaran has a lot of advantages. At this level, it's primarily good access to profession trainers, and instant portals to most old world cities (as well as, eventualy, Shattrath). With a little planning, I can hearth to Dalaran, catch a portal to wherever, and complete a couple of quests just in time to be able to hearth back to Dal and do it all over again.

Despite the new hearthstone location, though, my heart's still in Ironforge. It's the home base for all my characters, Dwarf, Human, or otherwise. If I could bring my Tauren to Ironforge, I would. There's something about the city that really just appeals to me. If there was one thing I could wish for in Cataclysm, it would be major city portals in Ironforge, so that I could make it my adopted home once and for all.

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