Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Study in Sleep

So, not a lot to report. Aeven's managed to claw out the last few XP she needed to make it to level 40, hurrah! So now she can wear plate, though as I've mentioned before, that's really going to take until level 45 to achieve. Bah.

It's getting to be time to run the last few wings in the Scarlet Monastery and look at Ulduman. In between, I think I'll take her over to quest in Desolace... I avoided that region while leveling my priest, but for some reason, it seems to the the kind of place that's appropriate for Aeven.

I had been hoping to pick up a couple of levels this weekend, but life got in the way. Yesterday evening, I found myself bedding down in an unusual situation for me: electrodes attached to various portions of my anatomy, wires running everywhere, and two - count 'em two - monitors of some sort stuffed up my nose.

Yep. I was in the hospital for a sleep apnea study. Apparently, my biological self is so made of fail that I may well need mechanical assistance in order to lie unconscious and do nothing.


Add in to that more than a little bit of fear. "Oh, this is just a simple test to see if, you know, you stop breathing in the middle of the night. When you'd otherwise be completely unaware of just how close to death you're coming. Nothing to worry about, eh?" The test itself? Pshaw. The possible implications? Just a little bit terrifying.

The geek in me was singularly pleased to see so many wires, random pieces of hardware, parallel port adapters and what not lying on the table next to my bed yesterday evening. Oddly enough, that was comforting - it reminded me of the spare room in our home, where the random pieces of electronic gear are different, but the overall quality of computer geekiness is the same. It helped, really it did. While the test itself was annoying, and ironically enough, exhausting - you try sleeping on your back in an unfamiliar room, when you really just want to roll over - it really wasn't much of anything.

What it did accomplish, though, was to leave me up at 6 AM this morning, feeling as if I hadn't really slept at all. So, that's two days down the drain - one evening of no WoW in the hospital, and a day of skipping church and trying to catch up on my sleep so I could actually function as something other than a low-budget zombie imitator.

So I've had two days characterized by not-so-wonderful followed by exhausted rest, a near crippling lack of caffeine, and a lack of time online. Hardly the way that I wanted to spend my weekend, but there you have it. With a little luck, though, this evening will be a chance to relax, and perhaps make a bit more progress with Aeven.

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