Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So close...

Spent last night doing yet more Tol Barad dailies and mining in Uldum while waiting for the LFD queue to put me in a group.

Ended up running heroic Vortex Pinnacle with a really good group, though my inexperience left me dead very quickly on Asaad. Our healer warned us to "get under the lightning shield" when we saw it, and as a result, I was looking up for something to get under, instead of down at the ground for something to stand in. Once I died, I watched the fight, and the mechanic became painfully obvious. Doh! Next time, for sure.

Wound up the evening in the Eastern Plague Lands, doing repeated runs through Terrorweb Tunnel to AoE critters. Didn't get to the 50k we need for Critter Kill Squad, but close - the guild achievement stands at 49,563 / 50,000 right now. Getting critters in the tunnel was amazingly easy. Run through spamming Arcane Explosion, with a pause midway to refresh mana. Exit the tunnel, turn around, fly to the other end, and then tab out to read a few articles in my RSS feed... 3-4 minutes later, tab back to WoW and do another run through the tunnel. Lather, rinse, repeat, for about 250 critters per run.

Not nearly as non-intteractive as chowing down on Stormchops and sitting in the Ironforge end of the Deeprun Tram, but much more satisfying seeing all those creepy-crawlies explode in little sparks of light. Wheee!

So, one way or another... tonight, we should have our Armadillo Pups :-)

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