Thursday, March 3, 2011

Random Blogger is Random

Some random Thursday links and musings.

Manalicious tells us how to Kill It With Fire. Which reminds me that I have fire as my secondary spec on Aeth, and - aside from gleefully burning everything that moved in Winterspring for the Wintersaber rep grind - I really haven't paid much attention to it.

Cramming In Strudel provides us with a guide to the Stormwind cooking and fishing dailies. Unfortunately, given that I've (a) maxed out fishing on Aeth, (b) just bought my last Cataclysm cooking recipe on Aeth, and (c) hit exalted with my guild, I really don't have much of a reason to do these dailies any longer. At least until I decide that having Aeth cook and mail food to Laen and Aeven is a pain, and they can start cooking their own buff food. She's a mage, not a chef, after all!

Well, actually, yes, she is a chef. But magery first, cookery second...

Well, OK. Mining second, cooking third. Zillionaire has a pretty good map of Uldum that shows a good route for mining elementium. I'd have expected Deepholm to be the place to mine, but no - apparently, Uldum is the place to be. I fly a circuit or two in between doing the Ramkahen dailies, and usually manage to pick up 3-4 stacks of elementium ore along with 5-6 pyrite ore. Not bad for a few minutes effort.

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