Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dragha Shadowburner

I "love" Dragha Shadowburner. Love love love love love.


And by "love", I mean, "hate with the white-hot fury of a thousand suns".

Last night, my PuG wiped on him 3-4 times. In our final attempt, I think I got to spend maybe 10% of my time going pew-pew at the boss. Another 20% of my time was spent trying to frantically get out of Valiona's Devouring Flames, or dodging the pools left behind by her Shredding Swipes.

What is it with those mechanics, by the way? It seemed like it didn't matter how the tank faced her... when the time came for devouring flames, it looked like she'd spin around to some random compass point and let loose. Given that the flames affect everyone in front of her, regardless of actual position, that meant a 50-50 shot of ending up in the flames no matter what.


The rest of the time? Yep.

The adds from the Invocation of Flame.

I swear, we'd kill one fire elemental, just to have another pop up almost immediately. Which shouldn't be a problem, really. They're weak enough that if you slow them, even a single dps can burn them down relatively quickly.

Except that half the time, they spawn on the other side of the room.

Or in the middle of the devouring flames.

Or when you were trying to dodge the twilight realm pools.

If I had to guess, I'd say that some thoughtful, clever - and above all, evil - developer at Blizzard put together an algorithm that determines the exact worst spot to spawn an invocation of flame. Cackling softly to themselves the whole time, no doubt.

Which leaves me in an odd place. You see, with all the required movement, the annoying "kill or die" adds, the twilight realm pools, the sheets of flame covering half the world.... I really hate fighting Dragha.

On the other hand, all that also means that I really like killing him.

C'est la WoW, I guess.

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