Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Via Cynwise: a pointer to the add-on Healers Have To Die:

This addon looks through your combat log to see who’s casting healing spells around you; if it detects that a player has cast a healing spell, it puts a big red cross over their nameplate.

Yes. Yes. YES.

I didn't even make it through the entire sentence before I had this downloaded and installed.

I mean... holy cow! There are PvP add-ons?

I honestly have never, ever thought of looking for a PvP specific add-on. I've got a good 14-15 add-ons for questing, dungeons, raids, the auction house, crafting, and general play... but not once have I ever thought, "Oh, hey. Maybe I should go looking for an add-on to solve this problem I'm having in PvP."

No. I'm not bragging about my l33t skillz. I'm confessing that, with regards to PvP, I think that I've been a particularly dull and uninteresting sort of idiot.

PvP add-ons. Wow. It's like... it's like... just, wow.

Read the whole article - it's an interesting discussion of add-ons and the attitudes towards them, done very well (as Cynwise is wont to do).


  1. I'm also a big fan of OmniCC (for CD tracking), NeedToKnow (for tracking EVERYTHING), SaySapped (obviously) and DRTracker if you're anal about tracking your diminishing returns.

    DBM has a great PvP component (the only reason I still run it, to be honest) which provides timer tracking and FC tracking.

    Glad you found the article interesting!

  2. Thanks! I'm going to have to check some of those out. I had a lot of fun in Wintergrasp during Wrath, and I'm starting to enjoy Tol Barad as well now. Anything that helps me get a better grasp of the tactical situation during a fight will be awesome.

    In trying out some 5v5 war games, I've noticed that I do a *lot* better in small-scale PvP - largely, I think, because I don't get overwhelmed by what's going on. I really enjoy the energy and pace of a big battle, though.