Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rolling, Rolling...

After a couple of days extra effort, Aeth is 5k into exalted with the Wintersaber Trainers. Doing this grind during Hallow's End has turned out to be perfect. I log in, trick-or-treat the innkeeper at Everlook (who seems to think I should be a leper gnome, for some reason), then run a couple of circuits in Winterspring to get about 1900 rep with the trainers before stopping off at the inn again for the next trick-or-treat. In between, I have enough time to port to Stormwind and run out to Goldshire to do the "Stop the Fires!" holiday daily, and of course, the dungeon finder makes it trivial to get into a group to kill the Headless Horseman.

Who is a far more satisfying boss than Coren Direbrew was. The mechanics and phases of the HH fight are still interesting - shorter, now that you have a bunch of tricked-out level 80's doing the fight, but still interesting. The horseman's banter with his head always makes me chuckle, too.

Managed to get Aether her Sinister Squashling yesterday, too. Now all that's left between her and Binky the violet proto-drake is a Hallowed Helm. Eleven more attempts from the HH, eleven more dailies, and who knows how many trick-or-treats left that she can accomplish... if she makes it through all that without getting a helm, I'll be very, very, very bummed.

Oh, and last bit of news: the last couple of days, I've been spending my time running around Winterspring and doing the HH with my Fire spec flag out and proudly flying. Fire is... well. "Fun" isn't quite the word or it. "Mind-bogglingly incredibly ecstatically destructively giggling maniacal fun" might cut it, though. Just two days, and I've been suitably and Pavlonianly trained. On getting a Hot Streak, I have to work to resist the muscle-memory that causes me to tab-target another mob and immediately turn them into a charred, smoking shell of their former selves.

I don't think I'll give up Arcane entirely - I'm far too comfortable there, and it's a perfect spec for Aeth when soloing older 5-mans - but I think I'll be spending more time playing a pyromaniac in the future.

Heh. Burny.

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