Monday, October 18, 2010

Here, Kitty Kitty...

A weekend's worth of work running around Winterspring, and Aeth is now just past Honored with the Wintersaber Trainers. The grind itself is... obviously not what it once was. She ran for Frostsaber Provisions a half dozen times, which was enough to unlock the next repeatable quest, Winterfall Intrusion. Doing those two quest together takes about 20 minutes or so, and nets 500 reputation (550 for us humans - everybody loves us, baby!)

All that took around 4 hours of play time, give or take a bit. Now that she's at honored, she's opened up the Rampaging Giants repeatable quest as well. Doing all three will probably take a half hour or so, and net 850 (935) rep per circuit. That's a total of about... 35 circuits, or another 17 or 18 hours of grinding.

Yowch. Apparently, the quests used to reward only 50 rep each... which means that the current grind is about 5-6 times easier than it used to be. Thank you, Blizzard.

I'm glad that Blizzard has learned a bit from their previous expereinces. Killing the same mobs over and over for 20 hours isn't really challenging, or fun. Doing the Kalu'ak or Sons of Hodir dailies were, in comparison, at least a little challenging, and a lot more fun. They still required a time investment to complete, but at least you got to do a bunch of different things along the way.

Here's hoping that whatever rep grinds we see in Cataclysm are more interesting and fun than killing chimeras and wondering "Where's the beef?"


  1. The Alliance really got the fluffy end of the lollipop with this one. I *love* the Horde raptor quest, it's great fun, and you get to lovingly raise a ickle baby raptor by feed it dead animal flesh. Whereas I understand the Alliance get a notoriously tedious and soul-destroying rep grind. When I had a brief spell of being a dorf my raptor became a tiger so I had all the pleasure with none of the pain. Not that I'm suggestion you faction transfer Horde for 20 days then faction transfer back :P I'm basically just saying I feel your pain, and good luck!

  2. Thanks, Tam :-) Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll redo this so that it behaves more like the Horde quest. I'm afraid it's more likely that it will just become more difficult to accomplish after Cataclysm hits.