Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fifty Percent and Others

It's a slow week, obviously. Aside from , y'know, the impending end of the world and all that. Which, I have heard on good authority, is scheduled for December 7th.

I feel a sick day coming on. I'm future psychic that way.

Anyways - fifty percent. Another way of representing that value would be 6/12, which is how far along my guildmates managed to haul me when I went with them into a fresh ICC 10 instance. It was also the first time I've managed to get Ventrilo working on my laptop, so it was - all in all - a rather good experience. Schedule generally keeps me from being a regular raid participant, so it was nice to get the chance to kill some unbelievably huge, hulking abominations and rotting frost giants with them for a change.

Meanwhile, I've been running BC heroics with a couple of folks, trying to squeeze that sweet, sweet reputation out of them. Turns out that Shadow Labyrinth is nice and juicy, as is Shattered Halls. Just full of reputation-fortifing goodness! Current in-progress reputations are:

  • Darkmoon Faire - 657/6000 (Friendly)
  • Ravenholdt - 941/3000 (Neutral)
  • Ashen Verdict - 3998/6000 (Friendly)
  • Lower City - 6682/21000 (Revered)
  • Honor Hold - 12026/21000 (Revered)
  • Keepers of Time - 1864/21000 (Revered)
Yep... Darkmoon and Ravenholdt. I can get the first up to about 2000/6000 from repeatable quest turn-ins, apparently. For the second, I can kill about a thousand random Syndicate mobs to get to Revered. Yoi and double yoi!

Wait, wait... another future psychic vision is coming to me! This one is of Aetherna slaughtering her way through the Alterac mountains, with a periodic break to run Outland dungeons and, um, slaughter entirely different humanoids.

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