Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fortunately, I Roll Twenties

Spent the evening running circuits in Wintersrping, killing chimeras, bears, Winterfall furbolg and elite giants. Now Aeth's about halfway through honored with the Wintersaber Trainers - just a hair shy of 6k/12k.

In between runs, she worked on the last achievements she needed to obtain Hallowed Be Thy Name. She popped into various capital cities to trick-or-treat the innkeepers, helped save Goldshire from the Headless Horseman, and took a detour to the Scarlet Monastery to take on ol' HH himself in person. She also took the time to run out to Southshore and complete the Rotten Hallow quests from Sergeant Hartman. Which leaves her with just one achievement left standing between her and her violet proto-drake... Sinister Calling. All she needs to do is obtain a Hallowed Helm and a Sinister Squashling, and she'll be flying in style.

"But wait!" I hear my attentive readers (both of you) saying. "If I recall correctly, doesn't Aetherna already have a Hallowed Helm?"

Indeed, she does! It's sitting in her bags even as we speak.

It also, apparently, doesn't count.

I noticed this last night when I was looking over my Hallow's End achievements - I no longer had credit for acquiring my Hallowed Helm last year. I filed a ticket with a GM, and got a pretty quick response back. It seems that, as players could trade the Hallowed Helm among each other last year, Blizzard has decided that it should not count towards the Sinister Calling achievement. So they "fixed" this in the latest round of changes.

So... no Hallowed Helm credit from last year. Unless you got your Long Strange Trip achievement already, I guess. Sigh. Blizz giveth, and Blizz taketh away.

Which leaves Aeth's violet proto-drake (who, I will note, shall be named Binky) completely at the mercies of the RNG.

I'd complain - especially after going through the PvP insanity that Children's Week requires you to accomplish - but... sigh. It feels right, you know? Over two years worth of blood, sweat, and frustration, and it all comes down to some computer somewhere going "chugga-chugga-WHUMPH" and spitting out a number that will determine whether she wins or not.

If that's not a perfect description of World of Warcraft, I don't know what is.

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