Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Doldrums

They've hit, and hit hard. Well, it wouldn't actually be accurate to call them "summer doldrums". More like "summer holy sweet Aunt Fanny, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off!"

The net effect is to reduce my time in Azeroth, though.

In short fits and spurts, I've managed to get Aeven through the Storm Peaks, which includes (IMHO) some of the best quest lines in WotLK. Given that I've only been managing to play for an hour or so every couple of days, just before bed, I've been avoiding running random dungeons - if I'm going to go into an instance with a band of strangers, I want to (a) have enough time to give folks a good run, and (b) have enough energy to keep alert and not fall asleep in the middle of things.

What's been keeping me from playing this summer, you might ask? Well, three kids. A pending kitchen renovation. Solving some particularly sticky problems at work. Playing a role in the skits our church is putting on for Vacation Bible School this week. Oh, and a lot of work on the capital improvements committee of a non-profit organization I work with.

Sleep? What's that?

Yeah. WoW is fun, but sometimes, that Real Life game just reaches out and grabs all your attention, you know?

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