Friday, July 2, 2010

I are lebel sebenty an' nine!

Yep. About halfway through Zul'drak, and Aeven is level 79 now. Just 1,670,800 XP or so away from finally hitting 80! I haven't decided what I'll do when I reach that point. I'll definitely keep questing - for the gold, if nothing else - but I'm thinking that I'll gear up and start tanking some normal Northrend dungeons as well.

Speaking of Zul'drak, though... sheesh! Is there any quest in this zone that doesn't have some sort of gimmick? I've ridden giants. I've been disguised multiple times. I've had to control pets multiple times, mostly while disguised. I've been on two - or is it three? - tours. I've had to escort a rotting corpse around to collect troll scalps, feed ghouls, use anesthetic darts on snow leopards and bears. I mean... wow.

What is it with this zone? I'm actually looking forward to Sholazar Basin, where I can just slaughter everything that moves and call it a day.

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