Friday, March 19, 2010


So, yeah, yet another WoW blog.

Inspired (somewhat) by Gevlon's "Undergeared" project, I found myself wondering if it would be possible to not just do end-game content undergeared, but what it would be like to level a character undergeared.

So was born Aeven... the stout Dwarven paladin, devoted to the light, and honor bound to level to 80 wearing (and using!) nothing but common items.

No greens. No blues. No purples. No heirloom shoulders. No Tome of Cold Weather Flight. Just the best white gear money can buy! Or salvage off of a corpse somewhere. Whatever, she's not picky.

Here's my self-imposed rules: gray and white gear only. Enchantments are fine, so long as they themselves are white, and can be applied to white gear. Consumables are fine, so long as they themselves are white (so no Endless Healing Potions, for example). Buff scrolls are fine so long as... well, yeah, you guessed it. So long as they're white. Kits, cats, sacks... whatever, if it's no better than a common quality item, it's fair game.

She's level 4 now, and still hanging out in the starting area. Killing trogs, wolves and boars has proven to not be much of a challenge. We'll see how things go once she gets out into the real world...

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