Monday, March 29, 2010

I hate it when someone else snarks better than I do

I actually started notes for a post about the inanity of some of the low-level quests this morning. I was going to comment about how much better the quest lines are in BC and WotLK, showing off how Blizzard's skill with their story telling tools has improved. But of course, Chastity over at Righteous Orbs hits the nail on the head and points out that while the mechanics of questing may be much improved, you can still run into quest lines that make you wonder, "What kind of medicinals did the game designers have to ingest to make that sound like a good idea?"

You sweat and you toil and you lead hapless NPCs to their death, and then you rock back to whichever idiot questgiver sent you out and they say “Well done, adventurer! Now Arthas is very slightly inconvenienced!”

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