Saturday, March 20, 2010


Well, a couple of dings, actually. Aeven just hit level 10, via an Elder Crag Boar just outside of Brewnall Village. Over they past few levels, she's managed to pick up first aid and fishing skill, a trio of Small Brown Pouches (not nearly as pretty as her Small Green Pouch, but serviceable), and... her first death, to a level 11 elite yeti. Almost had him, too... pallies are tough.

Gear has been upgraded quite a bit. Loose Chain Gloves, Loose Chain Boots, Warrior's Girdle, Mountaineer Chestpiece, Veteran Cloak, Ironwrought Bracers, Stone Buckler... about the only things I haven't upgraded are my pants and my weapon.

Stats at level 10, unbuffed: 564 armor, 82 attack power, and while I should be pulling 8 dps, Skada has me at 8.9 - probably because I've finally figured out how to use Judgment of Light properly.

Level 10 also brings something else... my first talent point! Where to put it? Holy? Hmm, maybe someday, but not yet. Even if I want to heal, I won't be able to for at least another 4-5 levels. How about Protection? Doesn't look to interesting right now... gee, 1% more healing? Pass. What else ya got?

Ahhhhhhh. Retribution.

OK, yes. None of the trees have anything amazingly whizz-bang in the first tier of talents. Given that caveat, you're left with nothing to really help you make your choice except for the name of the tree. While I could be Holy, while I could be Protection... remember, this is the Dwarven lass who kicked a bear in the teeth for what amounted to no good reason at all.

Retribution, all the way!

Off to Ironforge now!

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